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Second Grade Teachers

Juanita Arios - 110

My name is Nita Arios and teach second grade in Room 110.  I wish to introduce myself to the Lafayette School community.


    Lafayette School and I go way back.  Not only have both my sons attended Lafayette, my family and I live in the neighborhood.  As a matter of fact, we have always resided in the Richmond District.


Since my inception at Lafayette, I think of the changes since then.  Thinking back through my Lafayette years, I have realized the age of technology has changed teaching and the learning process.  In reference to learning/teaching methods, students are invited to think outside the box.  Creativity and diverse ways of thinking is encouraged.  Students work in various learning styles, either individually, pairs, small groups, or whole class.  The way we learn and teach is constantly evolving and developing at a rapid rate.

There is much excitement and anticipation for the future of education.  Here’s to Lafayette School and our amazing community!

Sheryl Sitkoff - 107

Jeanne Melander - 108

Hello, I am Jeanne Melander and I began my teaching career at Lafayette in 1998. I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Child Psychology and English Literature. I continued my education with a survey of art & art history classes through the College of Marin and San Francisco State University, where I earned my multiple subjects teaching credential.

The children of Room 108 and I are working closely together to create a caring and safe environment where we help each other learn and develop academic and social skills. We began the school year by defining classroom goals, expectations & procedures and talking about ways to make our days full of learning and enjoyment. We have daily class meetings to continue this spirit of teamwork and community building.

Reading and writing will be a primary focus of our school day. We will continue to use literacy as we explore other areas of the curriculum; social studies, math, science, health, music and art. Activities in all these subject areas will build from what the children already know and will challenge them at their present ability levels.

I will guide the children in Room 108 towards building the skills and the confidence necessary to become life-long learners. We are looking forward to a successful school year together.

Dennis Klein - 104