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Wednesday, October 25th

Dear Lafayette Families,

All of these attachments came home this week in the monthly paper Wednesday Envelope.  I have attached them to this email for future reference if you need them.  Please make sure to return your Wednesday Envelope promptly.  

Hope to see you all at the Autumn Carnival tomorrow in the Lafayette yard from noon to 4 PM.  Thank you to all the volunteers for your time and efforts.  You make the difference.


Heath Caceres and Jake Hodgson

Lafayette Wednesday Bulletin 10.25.17.pdf

Dim Sum Saturday at Lafayette.pdf

Lafayette Book Fair Coloring Contest.pdf

Lafayette Book Fair.pdf

Lafayette School Play - Peter Pan Jr..pdf

Wednesday, October 12th

Principals Message

Dear Lafayette Families,

San Francisco's air quality​ continues to be affected by the North Bay fires​ and has caused a significant change to the pollution level​. ​Thursday's Air Quality Index ​forecast ​is​:​

​Code Red - Unhealthy: "People with heart or lung disease, older adults and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Everyone should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion"​

​Lafayette School will keep students indoors to limit exposure to the pollutant particles circulating in the air outside. We will use alternative spaces for PE and other activities that are normally done outside.   Field trips have been cancelled today.  We will make final decisions regarding upcoming field trips on the morning of the scheduled excursion.   

We have many Lafayette teachers, families, and community members that have been directly affected by the disaster in the North Bay.  Ms. Scully and Mrs, Lai are spearheading a donation effort to support families that have lost their homes in these devastating fires.  They are coordinating to deliver goods to families on a regular basis over the next weeks.  See a picture below of our collection area that is located outside of the Lafayette main office.  Clothing, food, and basic supplies are all requested since many of these families have been left with nothing.  I urge you to please bring in any donations so that we can support the victims of this ongoing disaster.  


Heath Caceres and Jake Hodgson

Wednesday Bulletin 10.11.17.pdf

Wednesday, October 5th

Dear Lafayette Families,

Happy October!  Here we are already in the 7th week of the school year.  Classrooms look amazing and it is impressive to watch the wonderful teaching and learning happening everyday at every grade level.  Thank you parents and families for the continuous support in and outside the classroom. This makes a giant difference in our children's educational experience.   

In response to the tragic event that happened last weekend in Las Vegas, I have included attachments this week about how parents can speak to their children about violence.  Although teachers facilitate social emotional lessons everyday in class, a supporting message from parents and family is one of the strongest messages a child can receive.  Please take a moment to read the Tips for Parents attachment so that you can reinforce the message and actions that we promote here at school.

Lastly, I want to address some issues that are happening after school.  At 1:50 pm when school is officially ended, the rules are the same as at intake. There is to be no playing on the play structure, playing yard games, or riding bicycles, skateboards, or scooters.  It is the time to pick up students.  It is fine to spend a few minutes talking to other parents or checking in with a teacher, but remember we really need everybody to be safe.  It is a transition time for our after school programs and both the YMCA and RDASC use the yard at this time.  We appreciate for your cooperation in ensuring our children's safety.


Heath Caceres and Jake Hodgson

Lafayette Oct Calendar 2017.pdf

Wednesday Bulletin Page 1.pdf

Wednesday Bulletin Page 2.pdf

tips for parents how to talk about violence ENG.pdf

tips for parents on how to talk SPANISH.pdf

Tips for parents on how to talk to children about violence-chi (1).pdf