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Welcome to Lafayette Elementary

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to develop joyful learners by providing them with support, encouragement, and challenges. We seek to inspire all students to become better individuals in life. We will set high standards and strive to help our students become responsible and respectful citizens. We will invite and encourage families in our school community to work together to make Lafayette a safe, nurturing, and successful learning environment for all. We maintain high expectations of staff and families and seek to continually communicate our successes and challenges to create an outstanding education for our students.


Lafayette School traces its lineage back to the early days of San Francisco.  It was one of the original public schools, being the annex for primary classes of the famous old "Union Grammar School" which was established in 1854.  In 1867,  the annex became an independent school named "Lafayette Primary School" located on the corner of Filbert and Kearney Streets.  The building was totally destroyed in the great fire of 1906.  Many displaced families lived in tents in Golden Gate Park and a new site was selected at 37th Avenue at the present day Anza Library.  In 1927, Lafayette moved to its current site on Anza Street.


Lafayette School
1927 Jan. 4

via San Francisco Public Library